Friday, May 21, 2010

Performer + Clown + Actor = Teacher

changed, the world has changed
the bright sky, will somehow rain
the broad road, will somehow congest
changed, the world really changed
changed, even the teachers changed

sometimes I was thinking
when did I think of being a teacher?
couldn't make out of my mind
I could only say
it was 1997
my very first time

It was when the teachers were so respected
Loved and appreciated
Everyday, every class
there were always some aspirant students
wanting to learn from me
slowly, gradually
students changed
the culture of instant arose
homework, they don't do
books, are to be kept aside
examinations are just round the corner
damn...what to do?
simple, teachers will give us tips
but, are they really reliable?
no worry, teachers have some secret info from the minister
but, it still didn't help enough
take it easy, teachers have all the answers
memorize them today and get As tomorrow
get reward from mommy the day after tomorrow
and celebrate on the following day
and next week?
teacher, you're great, man!

what about the teachers that don't give tips?
doggone it, no one is coming
everyone's leaving
the class is empty
well, they shall piss off
in an antique car, CLK
brilliat student, where are you?

changed, truly changed
the teachers nowadays
have to possess 18 feats to be
they have to know how to
talk, entertain, scream, teach
they have to know
English, Malay, Cantonese, Science,
Mathematics, Physics, Music, Technology
they have to have humour, give tips
and lastly, they have to be a clown

being a clown is really difficult
performance on air everyday, they were not as easy as a breeze
really, one minute of it, takes ages to work on
every show
the clown, or rather, the teacher
have to keep the audience entertained
every show
must be guaranteed 100% high quality
every show
must ensure they went back home with Mr. Laughter
Clown is just another name for a teacher
but, what if there are teachers who refuse to humiliate themselves
be an actor then

teachers nowadays don't need knowlegde
as long as they can perform
but a good performance
from a teacher without qualification and experience
from a teacher that teaches the wrong way
Is that really okay?
but, just laughed it away, most importantly
the more fans to be, the happier you are, they are, so am I

changed, the world has changed

my dear students, smart students
please wake up!
the future's yours, wake up
road, there's no shortcut
hey, same goes to study
wake up

I'm a teacher
I'm not a performer
not a clown either
and I don't act

I'm just a teacher
A real teacher

Original Chinese version by : Loke Skywalker
Translated by : Emily Ning-Jie Lee


kenz said...

Hepi Belated teachers Day sir.:). jasa seorang guru pasti tidak akan dilupakan.

Emily Ning-Jie Lee said...

This translation is done with the help of Pei Teng... Please credit her too... ^^ BTW, happy belated teachers day, cheers!

Kevin said...

Masterkey system. This book is awesome. Sir do try get the books called " Conversation with God" by Neale Donald Walsch OR you can read them online if the hidden spots could be found xD.Sir you might like them too.Nice to see this blog still running and filled with all sorts of helps regarding academic things...

Loke 地行者 said...

Now only i saw your comment
I checked but can't find the book
even an e-book
You have any idea where to find it ?
Thanks for your suggestion
Will try to look into it

Loke 地行者 said...

Now only i saw your comment
I checked but can't find the book
even an e-book
You have any idea where to find it ?
Thanks for your suggestion
Will try to look into it