Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Answer for Perfection Students


unKnown said...

is this the real trial paper for selangor?

AnggaPra said...

please answer is this the real questions for selangor trial?

Saniy Reza said...

do not trust this because this exact paper is the 2011 MRSM trial , this guy is just trying to ruin your future

Loke 地行者 said...

Hello Saniy Reza

I didn't said this is the paper, this is the exercise i gave to my students and now i provide the answer

Please speaks with your brain, no one is going to ruin your life except yourself

Understand ?


Rock Your World - Deco, Fashions & Accessories said...

Dear Loke, thanks for the answers, can't print the clear copy, very blurr, can you please inform how we can get the clear copy,can you please send it to my email? thanks a lot