Monday, April 5, 2010

Exam on 6.4.2010

Paper 2
1) Simple pendulum, using stopwatch to find the period
2) Pressure for the liquid which is affected by the depth of the water
3) Heating curve, calculation for heat
4) Calculation for force and work done
5) Light, n = 1/sin c, total internal reflection
6) Factors which affect the resistance, length, size, material and temperature
7) Resonance affect damping
8) Telescope (refer to the picture)

9) Bernoulli's principle on sail boat
10) relationship between the potential difference, current and resistance, Ohm's Law
11) Hooke's Law, suitability of a spring to make a shock absorber (refer to the picture)
12) Electromagnetic waves (refer to the picture)

PS : There are not the real question, i took them from Pelangi



Eugene said...

Thx mr loke for sacrifising ur precious time. We appreciate ur effort a lot~

ain farahin said...

thnks sir :)
how about paper 3 ?