Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chemistry and Biologic


Paper 2

Section A

1) Definition for proton and neutrons number, isotopes

2) Neutralisation

3) Elctrolysis for molten lead bromide and sodium sulphate solution

4) Redox reaction

Section B and C

1) Periodical table for elements

2) Silicon compound, soap and detergent

Paper 3

1) Rusting iron

2) Voltaic cell (experiment)


Paper 2

1) Respiration for unicellular and multicellular organism

2) Bread mould

3) Hormonal changes in menstrual cycle

4) Musculoskeletal system

Paper 3

1) Seeding in the soil

2) Experiment on study of population of rats

Remember, I’m not sure how true are the tips, please don’t take it so serious, take it as a reference only

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paper 3 hancur chemistry

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paper 3 biology hancur

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