Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Final Updates And Confirmation

1) Forces in equilibrium and resultant force, scale drawing
2) Archimedes' principle, hot air ballon, high temperature make it fly higher, bigger size allow it to carry more load. Best time for hot air ballon is at night
3)Heat transfer and thermal equilibrium
4) Convex lens, ray diagram. Convex lens is best on light refraction, calculation for Snell's Law
5) Sound wave interference for loud speaker
6) Ohm's law, distance electric transmission, high resistance for long cable, using transformer to increase the potential difference
7) Logic gates circuit, using transistor to control it as a switch, with LDR, 1 is circuit ON and 0 is circuit OFF
8) Radioactivity, chemical equation

9) Pascal's principle, hydraulic system
10) AC and DC motor, dynamo
11) Convex lens on projector
12) Radioactivity, GM tube for Beta detection

Paper 3
1) Measurement by using micrometer screw gauge
2) Loaded spring, period and frequency of oscillation

3) Pressure law or Boyle's Law
4)Water wave refraction, ripple tank

REMEMBER, nothing is 100%, through my teaching experience, some of my prediction that i put for Paper 2, it is appeared in Paper 3 and vice versa, please take note

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